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Under Business Advisory Services we categorize our services 7 ways, although how these services are applied depend on the specific need of the client. Our ideal client has revenues in excess of $2 million annually with at least a 5 year operating history. We will entertain start-ups from time-to-time, especially if they are brought to us by a serial entrepreneur and they are reasonably capitalized.

Download the Business Benchmarking white paper.


  • [1] Coordinated Business/Personal Financial Plan.
  • Here we identify the needs of the owner and the resources of the business, then create a strategic plan for the two to meet. A common implementation includes determining what the company needs to be worth at the owner’s target retirement date so that the business plus outside assets will meet the owner’s retirement cash flow goal. We then prepare a strategic plan that provides individual assignable, measurable, time-defined tasks designed to achieve the owner’s retirement goal.
  • [2] Growth Strategy Plans.
  • Once a target is set, we evaluate and plan strategies for business growth, looking at both vertical and horizontal growth. Vertical growth includes capturing a larger portion of the market, spreading geographically, and purchasing or merging with related companies for synergy and market share. Horizontal growth means diversifying income sources (new lines or services). This may be achieved by internally developing and marketing these new products/services or by purchasing or merging with ancillary companies to bring in these new services or products. In either case, implementation and integration has to be planned and executed.
  • [3] Asset Protection and Risk Management.
  • We provide increased peace of mind and comfort to business owners by assisting with value protection in the event of death, disability, or incapacity for insurance and other purposes. We can help plan for the continuation of the business and income in the event of an unforeseen event.
  • [4] Exit Planning.
  • This is further implementation of the strategic plans made earlier to ensure the business' transition matches the owner's needs. We assist family dynamics and advocate for the owner when third party acquirers are involved.
  • [5] Advisory Board Design and Review.
  • Ongoing oversight is necessary during growth, consolidation, or transfer stages of a business. We assist with the formation of a board infrastructure and identify potential members so that an advisory board exists that will add value to the owner and to any future stakeholders.
  • [6] Business Benchmarking.
  • Benchmarking is the process of comparing one's business processes and performance metrics to industry bests or best practices from other industries. The purpose of financial benchmarking is to identify value drivers that will make the business appear more desirable verse similar type businesses.
  • [7] Financial Resources Consultation.
  • We educate the business owner on capital sources including pro-forma modeling and analysis to see how various investment options may affect business operations. Additionally, we examine how to make the business more attractive to capital sources in order to optimize capital availability.